Monday, August 1, 2011

How I got started in ColdFusion

This is in response to Steve Bryant’s original post and idea.

I graduated with a Finance Degree and immediately after my graduation, I got a job with a reputable Financial Organization in the Midwest where I worked for about a year and half. I grew tired of the job and one day decided to move to a new place I had never lived.

I found myself in Baltimore, MD. Again financial experience helped in landing a job with a technical firm in Hanover (Teksystems) where I was a credit analyst. But again I was bored. One day I happened to stroll to the web department of the company and was impressed that they were all having fun at their job. I wanted in. I picked up an HTML book and read it up over a weekend and applied. During those times, 1998-99, there werent too many web designers or developers .

I got a junior position in the web team and promptly got to work. I always told everyone i hate working hard but working smart. There was a small challenge in the web team at that time and since I was the most junior in the team, all the data entry job was given to me. I hated it. I had to figure out how to work smarter. I told a friend about it and he told me about Coldfusion. The name alone was scary at that time but he told me all I had to do was to read it. I read the Ben Forta book three times within a month. I felt like Neo in the Matrix ready to unleash my knowledge on the world.

The following week, i was able to convert the data to access, i linked it to my developer version of Coldfusion and walah!! problem solved. Heck I was able to represent the data in a whole new light. I became an overnight star...

Since then, I have used Coldfusion to solve every issue that has faced me in business, technically etc. I always find a solution with CF. I still use it. Its been 13 years now.... Honestly speaking Coldfusion has changed my life. I made so much money working for the biggest and best organizations because I was a CF programmer. I always thank the day, I picked up the BEN FORTA BOOK. I am run my own company all thanks to COLDFUSION...

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